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Negril Richmond Day Support

Merchant Walk Shopping Center

7536 West Broad Street

Richmond, VA 24336

(P) 804-447-3092

(F) 804-477-7231

Richmond Administrative Office

501 East Franklin Street

Suite 528

Richmond, VA 23218

(P) 804-521-4390

William Frazier, Director of Day Support Services

Michael Pierson, Director of Operations

Deborah Jackson, Office Manager

Day Support Services

Day Support offers center-based and non-center based services. Day Support activities are based on the individual needs and preferences. The individual will receive training, assistance, support and supervision in a wide array of activities that include but are not limited to, developing their ability to communicate, improving their social/interpersonal skills and limited personal care development. Negril individuals will be offered the choice to participate in community integration such as bowling, social outings (day or evenings), special trips to surrounding towns or cities, shopping, local volunteerism, and the opportunities to engage in a personal exercise regimen. All of Negril’s Day Support activities are based on the specific needs of the individual to be successful within their own proficiency.

Group Homes

We currently operate two small unique group homes that are capable of housing 4-6 individuals. These homes are set up on the traditional shift based model for individuals who do not choose to live in a family environment. Our homes provide services for individuals who desire a more varied involvement of support. These two homes provide qualified staff 24 hours a day. Every effort is made to group individuals that are compatible to live together and may be able to offer peer support in their family-like atmosphere. These homes are also staffed to handle individuals who may require an intensive level of support.

In Home Support

This program provides support to individuals living in their private or rented homes, separately or with their families. If an individual chooses Negril’s In-Home services, an assessment is completed to determine how the individual can best be supported to live as independently as possible, and with the maximum quality of life within their own home and community. The individuals and families play a major role in directing the services, including identifying, hiring, supervising, and scheduling of staff.

Negril Academy

134 Parker Road West

Danville, VA 24540

Office 434-797-1055

FAX 434-797-1005

Dr. Charla F. Crews, Administrator for Educational Services

Ms. Brandi Motley, Director of Therapeutic Day Treatment and Mental Health Support Services

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